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Cinema Production Service 2012 (m)
Pils iela 18-12, Riga, Latvija, LV-1050
:+37126442281,--371 22016020
PHs iela 18-12, Riga, Latvija, LV-1050
Phone+371 26442281,+371 22016020


Ivanova Olia,
Managing director
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Hobby Productions Riga. In short: Our simple business idea is to deliver HIGH QUALITY SERVICE PRODUCTION at a GOOD PRICE. We are based in Riga and founded by Swedish film director Oskar Bard in 2009.
Our idea is to make quality films that keep our clients coming back for more. All our clients are foreign productions companies. We help them produce their challenging creative films and still shoots all across the Baltic States.
We hire only the BEST CREW and use the best resources available in the region. Here are just a few benefits of shooting with us: direct flights to/from most European capitals, fantastic locations, huge film studios, easy permits, ENGLISH speaking crew, and TAX REBATE and CO-FINANCNG (for feature and doc films)!

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